Amicism Man (amicisman) wrote,
Amicism Man

Jeep Fixed

I've been having some problems with my Jeep lately and last week I finally caved and brought it into the dealer to get it looked at and then it went back again today. Without anymore ado,here is all the stuff that got fixed.
  1. Check engine light software upgrade
  2. Replaced blower resister (heat/AC fan)
  3. 4x4 Indicator switch broken. Replaced
  4. Front Sway Bars replaced, one was completey broken
  5. Right Front Axle U-Joint Replaced
  6. Speed sensor houseing leaking trans fluid, replaced and fluid topped off.
  7. Rear breaks replaced
  8. Front and Rear Differential & Transfer Cases fluid flushed and replaced
  9. Rear Drive Shaft U-Joints Replaced
  10. Tune UP- New spark plugs, battery service, idle speed & timing adjusted
  11. Fuel Induction system cleaned.  Clean throttle body, fuel injector, air intake system, & valves. Remove Combustion chamber deposits.
So at 85,684 miles today I have invested $2,150.66 in my Jeep in the last two weeks.  I hope there are not any more problems for a long time.  Although I will have to admit this has been the only major servicing I've had to do in the 4 years I've had it.  The only other "repairs" that have been done are the regular oil changes, air filter changes, new tires, and breaks were replaced once before.   Lets hope now that my gas mileage comes back to what it was.
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